Hessen is a central German state known for forests and Wiesbaden, a Roman spa town and now the state's capital city. Amid the skyscrapers of Frankfurt am Main, the state's largest city and Germany's financial center, lie the Städel art museum and the Goethe House—the author's childhood home. Across the Rhine River, in the wider cultural region of Rhine-Hesse, is the city of Mainz with its 1,000-year-old cathedral.

Nowhere else in Germany are nature and cities so close together as in Hesse. With its southern part, the federal state is one of the most densely populated and economically strongest regions in Germany. But if you only define Hessen through its cities, you will forget the other half worth seeing: nature with volcanic landscapes, river valleys and ancient beech forests. City experience and nature experience can be wonderfully combined in Hessen.

In Monopoly Hessen you can buy some Hessian cities. Whether modern and cosmopolitan or traditional and historic: there is something for every taste. Building a few hotels in the skyline of the metropolis Frankfurt am Main should be a worthwhile goal for every player. Art lovers, on the other hand, will probably find a house in the documenta city of Kassel more attractive. Or how about a house in the university town of Wetzlar, which inspires with medieval buildings and historic streets? The purchase of the Fortuna mine in Solms could also prove to be a gold mine, after all, the popular visitor mine in Eisenerz offers great trips in the conveyor cage and with the mine train.

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