The canton of Vaud is located in the west of Switzerland and stretches from Lake Geneva to Lake Neuchâtel. To the south, on the other side of Lake Geneva, Vaud borders the Haute-Savoie department. In terms of surface area, the canton of Vaud is the largest canton in French-speaking Switzerland and the fourth largest canton in Switzerland.

Its highest point is the summit of Les Diablerets culminating at 3210 m above sea level, the lowest point is on Lake Geneva, at 372 m above sea level. Vaud is the cradle of international sport. Nearly 60 international sports associations and organizations have their headquarters in the canton.

Since 1915, the International Olympic Committee (IOC) has also had its headquarters in Lausanne. In addition to its many wine regions, the canton is considered an important center of research and innovation in the heart of Europe.

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