1991 - 1999 - Special Editions (UK)


Braille Edition

Waddingtons Games Ltd./RNIB

Dimensions of the box: 52.5 x 51 cm

Dimensions of the board: 50 x 50 cm

Of course this special set is very interesting for the blind in the first instance. But for collectors of (special) Monopoly sets as well.

It is a standard game with special exceptions.

  • The board has a raised plastic surface, which is embossed with the Braille letters and raised signs like the arrow at Go and the question mark.
  • This board is not folded and hence the transport box is exceptionally large! It also has compartments into which the houses and tokens sit, to prevent them from being knocked out of position.
  • All the money and Chance and Community Chest cards are printed in Braille as well as large-sized text for the partial-sighted.
  • There are 2 sets of title deeds: one is in Braille, and the other is in large print.
  • The dice are very big (2 cm) and have raised dots.
  • The houses, hotels and 10 playing tokens are the standard version.
  • There is a large print set of instructions, and also another set of instructions in Braille.

UK Braille
UK Braille
UK Braille
UK Braille
UK Braille
UK Braille


Franklin Mint

Collector's Edition

Publisher: Franklin Mint

Dimensions of the box: 7.5 x 52.5 x 52.5 cm + pedestal

Without exaggeration this ""authorised" issue can be called The Game of the Games. The board is made of distinguished mahogany stained hardwood with a green felt-lined sunken midfield. The printing is in gold. Underneath the playfield is a sliding drawer for the banker, also green felt-lined. The drawer has a knob provided with a brass Monopoly game coin. On the other 3 sides of the set is a brass Monopoly plate.

The background of the streets is of the same mahogany colour as the wood. Even the instructions and the "Real Estate Portfolio" are in this dignified colour. All 10 classic playing tokens are crafted in pewter and embellished with 22 carat gold, amongst them a purse and hurricane lantern. The architecturally-designed houses and hotels are dycast and plated with silver and gold.

The banknotes have a luxury appearance and are specially made for this "Collector's Edition". The number of banknotes is twice as much as usual. The red Chance and yellow Community Chest cards have all funny illustrations with Uncle Pennybags, as usual. The wooden pedestal for this set contains another 4 drawers for the players to collect their money and property cards. Finally the set can be covered by a glass plate, to protect it from dust.

The summer 1998 edition of the Franklin Mint catalogue showed the English set still to be available. Prices:

  • Main Game - £395
  • Pedestal - £245
  • Glass Cover - £69
  • Millionaire's Chairs - £195 per pair
  • Official Monopoly Clock for Millionaires - £145

Franklin Mint
Franklin Mint
Franklin Mint
Franklin Mint
Franklin Mint


60th Anniversary

Publisher: Tonka Corp./Waddingtons Games

Ref: 44020/102

Dimensions of the box: 11.5 x 29.8 x 29.8 cm

The gold coloured box shows a nice illustration of a diamond on a green background on the cover and all its flanks as well as all flanks of the white inner box. Over the diamond is the red bar with Monopoly and Uncle Pennybags as well as a gold ribbon which says "1935 special anniversary edition 1995".

UK 60th Anniversary
UK 60th Anniversary
UK 60th Anniversary

The board is folded in four, it has a black back and a marble colored game side. The "limitation" of this edition is shown by a sticker with number on the game side of the board.

The nicely printed bottom of the box shows:

  • Uncle Pennybags' hat, to be used as a shaking-box.
  • 5 of the 8 "antique bronze" tokens of the old times, Uncle Pennybags - tram - car - shoe - elephant - bathtub - candlestick and beaker.
  • The black plastic tray (in shallow box) for the banker's money. This holder is placed on top of the 2nd black plastic tray that contains the shaking box and the 2 trays for the Chance and Community Chest cards.
  • Some of the luxury title deed cards and banknotes.
  • The houses and hotels of fine glossy but unprinted wood.

The game was manufactured in Great Britain.

UK 60th Anniversary
UK 60th Anniversary




Publisher: Waddingtons

Ref: 14549/102

A more robust and thicker box giving the feeling of it being deluxe.

Comes with small trays to hold the Chance and Community Chest cards.

Another type of banker's tray is included which holds all denominations of the money, all Title-Deeds and all Houses and Hotels.

The tokens are in the standard silver.



Publisher: Waddingtons

Ref: 14549/102

This is basically a reprint of the above 1996 Deluxe version with the same Reference Number.

To promote the version in Woolworths, 20 copies had special "Go" cards inside wining £200 instantly.

Also inside were "Free 2 for 1" London Attractions vouchers inside saving you over £30!



UK Millennium
UK Millennium

Millennium Edition

Publisher: Waddingtons/Hasbro

Dimensions of the double folded board: 25.2 x 25.2 cm

Ref. 069940942102

This very luxury issue entirely in silver, is identical to the American version, except for the game board that contains the streets of London.

The silver coloured tin is in a blue plastic wrapping showing on its bottom the illustration as to the next picture. This clearly shows that the background of the board is also silver coloured. In this Mr. Monopoly (up till this issue for many decades he was called Uncle Pennybags) is holographically shown. Very nice! On the black back of the board is, again in silver, the Monopoly bar with there under "Millennium edition".

It is really pitty that the plastic wrapping is so vulnerable and so easily tears.

The 15 pages Rules, with magnificent detail pictures, has a luxury execution like the rest of this game.

The amber coloured dice with 12 facets 6 of them showing the dots (and so called 6 sided by dice collectors)

The transparant banknotes seem to be made of parchment. However, to my opinion these banknotes are a bit too "slippery" to play pleasantly.

    The 8 new tokens (almost) all relate to modern developments:
  • 1. A future computer understanding speech.
  • 2. A video cell phone.
  • 3. An in-line skate.
  • 4. A globe as a symbol of the "global village".
  • 5. A Concorde superjet.
  • 6. A futuristic car.
  • 7. An frictionless rim drive all-terrain bicycle.
  • 8. A Labrador doggie, because the "yellow Lab" is America's most popular breed.

The stackable square houses and unstackable rectangular hotels are made of transparant plastic.

Both Chance and Community Chest cards have silverr-colored backs with the number 2000 in the background.

There are 2 trays of black plastic in the high tin to store all these attributes. On top of that is the double folded game board that warps a bit, presumably caused by its special treatment.

Although also this issue excels in its luxury it can hardly be called original. This in contrast to Millenniumopoly, a theme game of Late for The Sky (only issued in the USA). In this game 26 highlights of twenty centuries of world history are quoted, see chapter "USA - Related Games".

This game was "Made in USA".