2000 - 2009 - Special Editions (UK)


Inflatable Monopoly

Publisher: Hasbro/Brite Power

Ref: Nr. INF100

A very different version of Monopoly which came in a plastic case with a handle and also a different distributor.

It came flat packed in the case and you have to blow it up making a square inflated table with a the Monopoly board on top. Down the sides were pockets for the players money and pockets around the edge of the board for their property cards.

The design of the UK version is different to the USA version, not just the properties.

UK Inflatable
UK Inflatable


UK Deluxe
UK Deluxe


Publisher: Parker/Hasbro

Ref: 0303 00011 102

Dimensions of the box: 27.0 x 40.3 x 6.5 cm

Like the standard editions of Parker/Hasbro the Deluxe editions of all countries now have got the number 11, the number already in use for the American Deluxe editions from the very early issues in 1935 onwards.

The performance of this new issue is characterized by:

  • again a more luxury issue compared to all previous Deluxe editions: now with a lot of "lightening" silver and gold of the designs on both the lid and the game board and a high glossy surface of the lid.
  • a nice picture of the game in all its details at the bottom of the box clearly showing how the nice, mahogany coloured bankers's tray has to be used.
  • irritating glittering gold colored spaces of the board (with black back) causing an unpleasant play.
  • an untidy filled up midfield of the game board with 18 tedious glittering pictures.
  • a gold coloured plastic insert in the innerbox, with 1 large space for the banker's tray and 4 holes for the attributes with illustrations in relief in the bottom.
  • standard banknotes with ref.nr. 100 00009 00C0, set (C).
  • blank wooden houses and red, wooden hotels, both with overhanging roof.
  • 10 gold tokens.
  • 2 red dice with gold pips.
  • a well editied Rules booklet with many illustrations and a short "History" with a number of pictures of earlier issues.

Nostalgia (Wood box with 1957 engine)

Publisher: Parker Brothers/Hasbro

Ref: 0311 40753 102

Dimensions of the box: 5.3 x 26.3 x 26.3 cm

Hasbro succeeded once more to make a gain for a collector with this "nostalgic" edition. As well on the push out lid as on 1 of the surfaces of the two times folded game board and the midfield of the board is the engine of the American 1957 edition.

When the game board has been taken out the the box a "banker's tray" remains with 6 holes to store the wooden houses and hotels, the property deeds and tokens, while notches in the partitions serve as holders for the remarkable small (43 x 96 mm) banknotes.

Because of their sepia background the property deeds (68 x 77 mm) have a very refined look. The small (45 x 76 mm) Chance and Community Chest cards are nicely illustrated again.

The 6 tokens (locomotive - thimble - hat - shoe - dog and racing car) are bronzy. Both small (11 mm) dice are ivory coloured and have black pips. The Rules are also "from the past", i.e. printed on a long narrow folded paper.

UK Nostalgia
UK Nostalgia


Vintage Bookshelf
Vintage Bookshelf

Bookshelf - Vintage

Publisher: Parker/Hasbro

Ref: 0306/42749/102

Part of a collection of games in the style of a book for placing on your bookshelf.

Open it like a book and everything is inside a cardboard surround. With a vintage look, nostalgic illustrations and vintage components, just the way Monopoly used to be!


  • Collectible wooden box with banker's tray and storage area
  • Nostalgic themed gameboard
  • Vintage Chance, Community Chest and Title Deed cards
  • Play money
  • 6 Antique finish tokens
  • Wooden houses and hotels
  • 2 Ivory-coloured dice
  • Instructions

Bookshelf - Marks & Spencer Exclusive

Publisher: Parker/Hasbro

Ref: 0706 40269 102

Exclusive to Marks & Spencer in the United Kingdom another bookshelf variant.

Open it like a book and everything is inside a cardboard surround. This version has the current modern design.


  • Full Size MONOPOLY Gameboard
  • 6 Classic Tokens
  • Title Deed Cards
  • MONOPOLY Money
  • Chance and Community Chest Cards
  • 32 Wooden Houses
  • 12 Wooden Hotels
  • 2 Dice
  • Instructions

M&S Bookshelf
M&S Bookshelf



Publisher: Parker/Hasbro

Ref: 0207 62020 102

A very large black box with an "executive" look with cool black and silver accents throughout.


  • Elegant, silver foil and black gameboard in onyx-toned wooden base
  • 11 Black-finished metal tokens
  • 2 Black and silver dice
  • 32 Translucent acrylic houses
  • 12 Translucent acrylic hotels
  • Silver and black Banker's tray an Title Deed carousel
  • Black and silver Chance and Community Chest cards
  • Classic Title Deed cards, Monopoly money and instructions





Publisher: Hasbro

Ref: 0309 00622 102

This is the normal square box edition of Monopoly from the time with a good looking board which includes a Championship Trophy


  • Gameboard
  • 8 movers with carry bag
  • 28 Title Deed cards
  • 16 Chance cards
  • 16 Community Chest cards
  • 1 money pack
  • 32 silver houses
  • 12 gold hotels
  • 2 number dice
  • 1 Speed Die
  • Championship scorepad
  • Champion's trophy
  • 6 name strips
  • Instructions