Batman & Robin
(United States of America)

Dimensions of the box: 25.4 x 50.8 cm

This game is made after the film of Batman and Robin intervening  in the battle for supremacy in Gotham City.

The predominant colours of the box as well as of the game board are black and red. Besides the symbols of Batman and Robin, the cover also shows pictures of the leading persons. At the bottom of the box is a nice picture of the game board with the attributes. The back side of the board is black.

The inside of the box contains a cardboard insert, but instead of "the FAQ's" it shows once more the pictures of the leading persons. The remaining space is filled by a tray of soft, white plastic.

The 8 tokens are very special and bear a stamp of DC Comics in their feet. Besides the symbols of Batman and Robin, a leaf and a big diamond there are 4 vehicles among which Batmobile and Freezemobile.

The properties are of course locales from the spectacular feature film, like: Biker Alley, Pamela Isley's Lab, Holographic Gym, Mr.Freeze's Cell, Wayne Manor Garage, Blossom St. Station and Batcave.

The 32 houses are grey whereas the 12 red hotels are mansions. The money consists of banknotes of "The City of Gotham" and the currency is Simoleon. The Chance and Community Chest cards are mentioned as such in the instructions, but in the game they are marked by the symbols of Batman and Robin.

This version was imported into Europe as well by Warner Bros.

© USAopoly

Year: 1997 - Code: N/A