CCCP Soviet Union

"Monopoly of the USSR" is a famous board game, this time released especially for those who are nostalgic for the old days. Thus, when the sun was shining brighter, the trees were greener, and "Fanta" tasted better. Although it was already later, at first all the inhabitants of the Soviet Union enjoyed that very soda for three kopecks ...

The rules of the game have remained unchanged - make deals, buy real estate, increase capital and put it in a bank, or rather, in a savings account.

Walking all over the playing field, the players will visit the May Day demonstration, visit the Luzhniki stadium when there was no roof on it yet, remember the taste of their favorite sweets - iron cans and lollipop, swing the tumbler and ride a red horse.

And after all the other players bashfully declare themselves bankrupt, feel free to buy a car with a tape recorder, sew a suit with an ebb - and to Yalta!

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Year: 2021 - Code: B62490350