Liberty Mutual Insurance
100th Anniversary Special Edition
(United States of America)

The MONOPOLY Brand is proud to present the Liberty Mutual Insurance 100th Anniversary Special Edition of the world's most famous board game.

Play the Liberty Mutual Insurance Edition of America's favourite board game and celebrate this landmark anniversary. Buy, sell and trade Liberty Mutual brands from around the world, build New Businesses and Renewals in place of houses and hotels, and move around the game board with customized tokens such as the Statue of Liberty, Tornado and Liberty Mutual Auto Show.

Contents: Game board, 6 Collectible tokens, 28 Title Deed Cards, 16 RESPONSIBILITY cards, 16 SAFER, MORE SECURE LIVES cards, 2 Dice, 32 Houses renamed New Businesses, 12 Hotels renamed Renewals, 1 Pack of Liberty Mutual Dollars, Rules. Includes 60-Minute Speed Play Rules.

The six Collectible Tokens are; Auto, Home, Life, Statue of Liberty, Tornado, and Globe.

© USAopoly

Year: 2012 - Code: US-IW/201202/6137