(United States of America)

Go live! In this fun version of the classic MONOPOLY game, the electronic talking tower calls the plays! With motion sensing, sound effects and even surprise mini games, the tower guides the game from start to finish while you wheel, deal and call the shots! Slide the cab around the track to take a shortcut, play a quick game and then manage your cash at the ATM. With so many things to do, the “real estate market” is more thrilling than ever!

Includes electronic talking tower, gameboard, 4 game pieces, 4 bank cards, 4 card slots, cab and track, title deed cards, 32 houses, 12 hotels, 2 “green” pieces and startup guide.

Played with an IR tower containing a camera and reflective pieces and option spaces it seem to remove the need for book keeping, dice rolling, cards. And there's no money either. Kinda like a video game version just in real life.

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Year: 2011 - Code: C-285B 19652