Monster Jam
(United States of America)

Make way for the most supercharged version of your favorite family game you could try and sit down to!

Monster Jam Monopoly is revving to keep you on the edge of your seat as you buy, sell, and trade the most legendary monster trucks in the world, such as Gravedigger™, Max-D™, El Toro Loco™, and more.

Donut the game board with six custom tokens including Dirt Squad Scoopz, a helmet, tire, and crushed car. Set up Arenas and Stadiums to stay loaded up until you're the last "hot shoe" with any standing points!

Monster Jam Monopoly includes: 1x Game Board, 6x Collectible Tokens, 28x Title Deed Cards, 16x Chance Cards renamed "Racing Competition", 16x Community Chest Cards renamed "Freestyle Competition", Custom Monopoly Money, 32x Houses renamed "Arenas", 12x Hotels renamed "Stadium", 2x Dice and the Rules.

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Year: 2022 - Code: 151803/202205/6495