The Office
(United States of America)

This new take on the classic Monopoly game transforms the traditional game board properties into popular locations in "The Office" such as Dunder Mifflin Scranton or Michael’s Condo. In addition, players might land on "RUDIT-DIT-D’DOO!" (Community Chest), "That’s what she said!" (Chance), Donation to Rabies Fun Run (Luxury Tax), or Buy a Hug from Phyllis at Crime Aid Auction (Income Tax).

Includes SIX unique collectible tokens: The Princess Unicorn, Dwight Bobblehead, World’s Best Boss Mug, Bacon Grill, Beet, and Pam’s Candy Dish, while the board centre features the entire cast of "The Office."

© USAopoly

Year: 2010 - Code: US-IW/201009/5821