Special Editions - 2014 - (Canada)


Neon Pop

Code: PN00039547 / C-267F

This edition of the classic fast-dealing property trading game really pops with bright, neon colours!

This Monopoly Neon Pop board game features an awesome neon plastic edge Snapfit gameboard, and bright neon coloured houses, hotels, dice, and tokens. Featuring classic Monopoly gameplay, players will love the exciting bright neon deco as they buy, sell, and trade properties, and bankrupt opponents to win it all.

Monopoly Game Features Bright Neon Colours: Kids ages 8 and up can enjoy classic Monopoly gameplay with this awesome version that includes exciting neon coloured game pieces.

Neon Coloured Pieces: This Monopoly Neon Pop board game includes bright neon plastic houses, hotels, and dice, and tokens. Even the gameboard has bright neon edging.

Buy, Sell, Trade: It's the Neon Pop edition of the fast-dealing property trading game where players buy, sell, dream and scheme their way to riches.

Be Strategic: Build bright neon houses and hotels on properties, and bankrupt opponents to win it all.


Vintage Bookshelf - Red Edition

Publisher: Winning Solutions Game Company

  • Vintage faded book cover.
  • Elegant design for open bookshelf display.
  • Vintage 1935 gameboard and cards.
  • Die cast movers, wood houses and hotels.
  • Deluxe removable bankers tray.

Crack open the book and watch history come to life with the Vintage Bookshelf Collection! This unique series of games features all of the timeless classics that have remained family favourites over the decades.

Contents: Collectible fabric book with removable banker's tray and storage area, nostalgic-themed game board, vintage chance, Community Chest and Titel Deed Cards, Monopoly Money, 8 antique finish tokens, wooden houses and hotels, 2 dice and instructions