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version 2000

versie 2000.



Number of versions: 9

Edition: January 22, 2003

Since 1944 Brinquedos Estrela S.A. got Parker Brothers permission to market their own version of Monopoly, so without the manifest features like the "red bar with Monopoly-man". In 1998 Estrela Interactive even introduced a CD Rom edition.
(It turns out monopoly-like games of inland make to be in a number of countries all over the world, mostly better known than the Parker Brothers/Hasbro edition, also available since second half of the 20th century, next to the inland versions. Except for Brazil the countries are:

* Argentina: Estanciero * Mexico: Turista
* Austria: Das Kaufmännische Talent DKT  * Norway: Millionær
* Denmark: Matador * Russia: Manager
* Hungary: Capitaly * Spain: El Palé)


Banco Imobilíario of ca. 1965?Edition: Banco Imobiliário, ref. 3001?   
             (Real Estate Bank)
Publisher: Brinquedos Estrela S.A. - ±1965
Dimensions of the box: ca. 22 x 42 cm
The game:
Unfortunately there is nothing more known about this issue than shown by the compilation of pictures.
Considering the dull wood houses, hotels and tokens I assume this issue to be of the sixties. Striking are:

The colorful lid.
Only 8 spaces between the corner spaces instead of 9.
The fields are nicer illustrated than those of later issues.
The colorful banknotes, showing a large Estrela logo.


Milhoes em Jogo!-±1970.Edition:Milhões em Jôgo! (Millions are at stake!)
Publisher: Brinquedos Coluna - ± 1970
Dimensions of the box: unknown
The game:
August 2000 this set was offered at the ebay auction site. The Brazilian seller gave following description:

"A very special Brazilian Monopoly game. Made by  Brinquedos Coluna about end of the sixties, early seventies. It is also very special because the manufacturer doesn't exsist anymore. The names of the properties have been replaced by Brazilian."

The picture on the lid of the box is supposed to be New York's skyline. From the pictures shown with the offer it could be seen that:

The streets on the game board are illustrated with black/white pictures.
The tokens consist of colored, plastic pawns.
Both dice have been replaced by one round disc with the numbers 1 to 12 and a red, revolving arrow.
The money looks like het Monopoly banknotes.


Corner space strengthened with metal strip.Edition: Banco Imobiliário, ref.16.28.18  
Publisher:Brinquedos Estrela S.A./Parker Bros./Tonka Corp.-1989
Dimensions of the box: 25.3 x 49.5 cm
The game:
This set is property of Roland Klose - Bremen - Germany.
With regard to the game board of the Junior-version each side now has 1 more space, which however corresponds again with the  Parker Brothers/Hasbro Monopoly games. So this also means that there need to be 4 more properties (underlined in the statement) on the board. Besides the properties have been ordered differently, through which the most expensive street is now the added Av.Vieira Souto. Because of this this color group also has 4 streets. The streets of all color groups are side by side. 
The lid with red bar and the last part of the 4th  side of the board on top very well corresponds with the presentation of the Spanish issues from 1982 (See there). Like here 2 dice show the numbers 3 and 5 and there is a token on the spaces. One of the rims show the mention "© Parker Brothers 1989, uma divisião de Tonka Corporation Cincinnati, Ohio 45202" without a small Parker Brothers logo.

This version of the game has 40 spaces from Ponto de Partida onwards:

Leblon - Sorte.Revés (Luck.Adversity) - Av. Presidente Vargas - Av.Nossa S. de Copacabana - Companhia Ferroviária - Av. Brigadeiro Faria Lima - Companhia de Viação - Av. Rebouças - Av. 9 de Julho - Prisão - Av. Europa - Sorte.Revés - Rua Augusta - Av. Pacaembú - Companhia de Taxi - Sorte.Revés - Interlagos - Lucros ou Dividendos - Morumbi - Parada livre - Flamengo - Sorte.Revés - Botafogo - Imposto de Renda - Companhia de Navegação - Av. Brasil - Sorte.Revés - Av. Paulista - Jardim Europa - Vá para a Prisão - Copacabana - Companhia de Aviação - Av.Vieira Souto - Av. Atlântica - Companhia de Taxi Aereo - Ipanema - Sorte.Revés - Jardim Paulista  and Brooklin.

Other striking differences with regard to the Junior-edition are:

The name of the game is in closed, black characters sloping over the board, however it now goes from the "Free Parking" corner to "Go", followed by the Estrela logo.
The one space for both cards Sorte (Luck) and Revés (Adversity) is now next to Jail.
There are 380 banknotes of the Banco Imobilíario. The 6 denominations are again:  1 - 5 - 10 - 50 - 100 and 500.
There are 32 houses of light green plastic and 12 red hotels again with a chimney in the middle of the roof. 
The shape of the 6 tokens is slightly different.

The great similarities are:

The Rules are on the bottom of the box. There is no barcode.
The playside of the solid game board is yellow and its back is black. The corners are strengthened by metal strips.
In the folded board (playside inwards) is a piece of white paper to protect its glossy surface.
The 30 Sorte and Revés cards (50x62 mm) are beige. They lie at random on one stack.
The backside of the propertie deeds (58x73 mm) is white and unprinted.
Both dice (side of 11 mm) are white with black pips.

This edition was "Made in Brazil".


Banco Imobiliáro, ref.16.28.17.Edition: Banco Imobiliário Junior, ref.16.28.17
Publisher: Brinquedos Estrela S.A./Parker Bros./Hasbro Int., Inc. - 1992
Dimensions of the box: 22.0 x 41.7 cm
The game:
There is nothing in the presentation of this edition that refers to Estrela having the licence from Parker Brothers. Only a very little logo and the mention in small characters at the end of the Rules on the bottom of the box: "Fabricado sob licença de ©1992 Hasbro International, Inc. USA".
The barcode is of number 7 896027  502909.

The illustration on the lid suggests "real estate" and shows accessories as well. The playside of the solid game board is yellow and its back is black. The game's name is in fat, black characters sloping over the board (going from the square "Go-to-Jail" to "Jail"), followed by the Estrela logo. There is only one space for both cards Sorte and Revés, situated near the "Free Parking" square.

The great differences from the well-known Parker/Hasbro Monopoly editions are:

There are only 8 spaces between the corners instead of 9. This is most
probaly characteristic of the Junior edition.
The usual 4 stations became 6 different transport companies, randomly distributed over the sides. Per property the rent amount to pay is 40 (or 50) times the number of your throw.
There is no Electric Company nor Water Works.
There are 6 color groups, however, their properties are scattered over the sides. That is why the prices of the properties are not increasing along the sides. The most expensive streets are those of the red group divided over sides 1 - 2 and 3, of which Ipanema and Av. Atlântica are exactly equal.
The back side of the property deeds (58x73 mm) is is white and un-printed.
The color bars on the spaces are smaller than the width of the field.
All illustrations on the spaces are austere logos, reason why the yellow arrow of the start space and the one from Go-back-to-Jail are almost identical.

All 36 spaces with the streets and districtsof Rio de Janeiro are from Ponto de Partida onwards:

Av. Europa - Sorte.Revés - Companhia Ferroviária - Ipanema - Av. 9 de Julho - Sorte.Revés - Companhia de Navegação - Jardim Europa - Prisão - Av.Nossa S. de Copacabana - Rua Augusta - Av. Atlântica - Sorte.Revés - Brooklin - Companhia de Viação - Av. Rebouças - Lucros ou Dividendos - Parada livre - Companhia de Taxi Aereo - Av. Pacaembú - Av. Paulista - Flamengo - Sorte.Revés - Companhia de Aviação - Av. Presidente Vargas - Copacabana - Vá para a Prisão - Av. Brasil - Sorte.Revés - Av. Brigadeiro Faria Lima - Companhia de Taxi - Botafogo - Sorte.Revés - Imposto de Renda and Leblon.

The innerbox has a white plastic insert with 11 holes for the banknotes and other accessories. It is clever to print the Rules on the bottom of the box; they cannot be lost this way.
The 30 Sorte and Revés cards (50x62 mm) are beige. They are randomly on one stack.
The simple banknotes (280 pieces) are of the Banco Imobilíario and one-sided printed on colored paper. The 6 denominations are:  1 - 5 - 10 - 50 - 100 and 500. The currency is stated a $-sign, which stands for Real.
The 24 houses are of light green plastic; the 10 hotels are rood, both with a chimney on the middle of the roof. The 6 tokens are simple pawns of colored plastic.
Both dice (side of 11 mm) are white with black pips.

This edition was "Made in Brazil".

The price of this set amounted to BRL 22  (= € 16,90) March 1996.


Banco Imobiliário, ref.16.28.18.Edition: Banco Imobiliário, ref.16.28.18
Publisher: Brinquedos Estrela S.A./Parker Bros./Hasbro Int., Inc. - 1992
Dimensions of the box: 25.3 x 49.5 cm
The game:
The finish of this same edition as the one of 1989 only differs slightly on a few points, viz.:

One of the rims of the box shows a blue field with "Qualidade 
Estrela  16.28.18".
On an other rim it says "Fabricado sob licença de ©1992 Hasbro 
International, Inc. USA" followed by a small logo of Parker Brothers.
The corners of the game board are not strengthened by metal strips.
The Rules are on the bottom of the box again, however followed by
a barcode of the number 7 896027  502688.

This edition was "Made in Brazil".

The price of this set amounted to BRL 28  (= € 22,70) March 1996.


The Banco Imobiliário editions are still manufactured by Estrela S.A., shown by their internet site: www.estrela.com.br/. Unfortunately there are only pictures of the present-days issues of 2000 at that site, whithout any further details. However I do pass these pictures on to you under the device "rather something than nothing":


Banco Imobiliário Junior version - 2000.Junior edition (with only 8 spaces between the corners).

Standard edition (with 9 spaces between the corners).Banco Imobiliário Standard version -2000.

Banco Imobiliário Deluxe version -2000.De luxe edition (with 9 spaces between the corners).

CD Rom edition.Banco Imobiliário CD Rom version-2000.


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