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version 2000

versie 2000


  Number of versions: 3

   Edition: December 17, 2010

Map of Lebanon.


Lebanon's location at the east end of the Mediterranian Sea caused this country to be a regional center for finance and trade over centuries. Na de Eerste Wereldoorlog, on September 1920, it was France who formed the State of Greater Lebanon and 6 years later it formed the Lebanese Republic, although it remained a separate entity from Syria. Lebanon gained independence in 1943. 

Because there have not been a predominant British influence in this country there is no reason to expect Waddington's Monopoly editions here over the Parker Brothers version. 

Inland "standard white box" from abt. 1970.

   Edition: Monopoly - Standard white box, without ref.nr.
Publisher: Unknown inland manufacturer - ▒1970
   Dimensions of the box: ▒26 x 50 cm
   The game:
   This edition, that obviously is an illegal copy of Parker Brothers white box editions must have been published in the turbulent period 
   between 1960 and 1980. There is no indication whatsoever proving it comes from the Parker Brothers presses, contrary the quality 
   is poor, shown by the red, soft plastic insert.
   It is also uncertain this is a Lebanon game, as long as I am not in possession of a gameboard from which the streets can be read.

   However, there is a very great chance this really is a Lebanese edition, because in this period many countries in this area copied
   this Parker Brothers edition!




Libano poly, ▒1980.Edition: Libano poly - De Luxe edition, without ref.nr.
Publisher:Unknown inland manufacturer - ▒1980
Dimensions of the box: 26 x 50 cm
       of the game board: 45.5 x 45.5 cm
The game:
This edition is owned by Steve Amato - N.Y.

Cerial edition from General Mills/Parker Bros, 2003.As Steve saw something written on the little board shown on the cover he took his magnifier and found on one side of the inner section: Made In Lebanon and on the other: Under Licence From Parker Brothers Division General Mill Group Inc. U.S.A.
The conclusion must be drawn that the unknown manufacturer of this illegal edition must have copied the image of the "game board in a green and blue field with a horizontal red bar" from an earlier issued official Parker edition made in Lebanon. This design was used in the period between 1960 and 1980, in which Parker was owned by the American Cereals manufacturer General Mills!
Besides Parker Brothers exclusively and only use the word Monopoly for all their games, with no exception, so Parker will never have allowed to manufacture this edition.

Child behind the bars.The board is of heavy cardboard with a dark blue marble back.
Differences of the design, with regard to the Parker Brothers' game board:

The red arrow on the Go corner is under 90░.
A Little boy behind the bars of the Jail, rather than "Jack the Jailbird".
Different lamp on Electric Company.
All property deeds have to be torn loose from sheets, like the Chance and 
Community Chest
All prices are a factor 10 higher than in the standard Parker editions of that era.
The last but one space to Go has the Waddington notation and amount as well: 
Super Tax Pay 750 L.

The properties (of which are at least a number from Beirut) are from Go onwards: 

Corniche Nahr
- Community Chest - Lebanon - Income Tax (Pay 2000L) - Port Station - Achrafieh St. - Chance - Basta St. - Chouran Ave - Jail - Customs House St. - Electric Company - Maarad St. -Damascus St. - Furn El Chebbak Station - Martyrs Square - Community Chest - Abou Bakr El Saddik St. - Municipal Stadium St . - Free Parking - Independence Ave - Chance - Jewellers Souk - Souk El Tawile - Quarantina Station - El Arz St. - Bechara El Khoury Ave - Water Works - Bab Idriss - Go To Jail - Kantari St. - Trablos St. - Community Chest - Phoenicia St. - Nahr Station - Chance - Riad Solh - Super Tax (1000L) and Al Hamra St..

The  property deeds are in Arab only except for the stations and utility works! Their names are in English too.  These cards are printed on sheets of cardboard that are perforated. 
The Chance and Community Chest cards are printed on light yellow/beige colored cardboard. The writing on the Chance cards is in blue and on the Community Chest cards in red. There is no writing on the back to indicate which is which. They are each printed on a single sheet of cardboard that is perforated. 
The banknotes looks like the Parker Bros. notes but had to be different yet. So nothing else but the note's value is given in the ellipse, while 2 of the small rectangular spaces are empty,1 of the other spaces shows the value in Arabic and the other in Roman. They are all printed in color on white paper. 
The 6 denominations are: 10 - 50 - 100 - 500 - 1,000 and 5,000. The currency is Lebanese Pounds. 
The tokens consist of 6 colored, plastic pawns with broad  base.
The houses and hotels are of poor quality thick plastic without chimneys . 
The Rules are on a thin sheet of paper that is to be folded 2x. They are printed in Arabic only. 
The dice are one red and one blue with white dots.



2000 Lebanon edition.Edition: 2000 Monopoly, without ref.nr.
Publisher: Unknown inland manufacturer  - 2000
Dimensions of the box: ▒25 x 49 cm
The game:
This is a set from the collection of Adi Wilk  - Austin Tx - USA. 

Although the lid gives the impression this game to be an official Waddingtons licensed edition, because of the red- white -red design,  I would rather call it a "Made in Lebanon" illegal copy.
At least it is remarkable the game to be according to the Waddingtons design although these editions were already published some 30 years before.

Should we had a copy of the game board, we might had been able from the (bilingual?) names of the streets to decide from which country/city they are, because the game could have been made for another country as well!

Neighter do we know anyting of the contents of the box, so the only thing is sure it was manufactured in Lebanon and thus it will have been for sale in that country as well.

Compare these editions with those of Syria and Saudi Arabia.



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