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version 2000

versie 2000

Flag of Syria.

  Number of versions: 2

   Edition: August 1, 2010

Map of Syria.

By an agreement of 1916 France got control over Syria and Lebanon, while Iraq and Palestine/Jordan came under 
the influence of the United Kingdom.

Syria proclaimed its independence in 1941 but it wasn't until 1 January 1944 that it was recognised as an independent 

Despite the French influence in this country the first unofficial Monopoly edition found is an imitation of the London edition 
and sofar Parker Brothers/Hasbro have not penetrated this market.




White Parker Bros box with Waddingtons' London board.Edition: Monopoly, with LONDON board, no ref.nr.
Publisher: Unknown inland manufacturer  - ▒1990  
Dimensions of the box: 50 x 26 cm
  of the unfolded board: 45 x 45 cm
The game:    
This set is from the collection of Steve Amato - N.Y.C.

It is remarkable to ascertain that all imitations of Monopoly made in Syria are based on the "white box with a little board on a green square in a blue square and the red Monopoly bar", Parker Brothers has issued in the period between1960 and 1980. But that is for the appearance only, because the game boards differ from Waddington's design to variations of the Parker design.

In contrast to what is said afore the little board on the lid of this inland made box is (by mistake?) in a "blue in blue" square, while the text in its centre is in black only.
The board is an exact copy of the UK game board, but bi-lingual, so with the green engine on the station spaces and therefore

All properties are of London, viz. from Go onwards:

Old Kent Road - Whitechapel Road - King Cross Station - The Angel Islington - Euston Road - Pentonville Road - In Jail - Pall Mall - Electric Company - Whitehall - Northumberland Avenue - Marylebone Station - Bow Street - Marlborough Street - Vine Street - Free Parking - Strand - Fleet Street - Trafalgar Square - Fenchurch St. Station - Leicester Square - Coventry Street - Water Works - Piccadilly - Go to Jail  - Regent Street - Oxford Street - Bond Street - Liverpool St. Station - Park Lane and Mayfair.  

All banknotes on perforated sheets.All property deeds are on perforated sheets.The board is of thin cardboard with a grey unpainted back. It has the word Monopoly in red and the Arab characters in black, parallel to side 1. The fold in the board is perpendicular to side 1.
The inner box has no facility to store the accessories decently.
All property deeds comes in perforated sheets, as the pink Chance- and blue Community Chest cards and even the banknotes in 7 denominations. All deeds and cards are bi-lingual.
The 5 plastic tokens are chess pawns.
There are 32 blue houses and 12 red hotels without chimneys, poorly made of
Both poorly made large dice are black with white pips.
The Rules sheet folds in half. 

                                                               Tokens and dice. 

This edition is "Made in Syria".



Syrian manufacturer address HMF.Syria-white box from ▒1994.Edition: Monopoly, ref.nr. R.I.12  
Publisher: Inland manufacturer HMF - ▒1994
Dimensions of the box: 26.0 x 50.0 cm
The game:
The year of publication has been estimated from its year of purchase in September 1995 and this is in harmony with what is said in the next sentence.
Seeing all the Monopoly editions made by HMF for inland distribution in Syra as well as those for Saudi Arabia I have the impression the manufacturer has chosen as their standard presentation for the "white box with a little board on a green square in a blue square and the red Monopoly bar", Parker Brothers has issued in the period between1960 and 1980 in the USA and Europe.
I could not find any Syrian manufacturer under the name of HMF and it is not to be expected this manufacturer has any relations to
the Humanitarian Media Foundation (HMF).
However, there may be a connection to a poultry farm, because all 4 station squares are conseqently replaced by  poultry farms showing a yellow hen, while the HMF logo shows a little chicken. By the way, there is a different logo on top the lid, in a square, black frame, showing a mother and father, walking with a child.

The midfield of the solid game board is green and shows the word Monopoly in 2 languages in the centre, parallel to the first side, intersected by the fold of the board. On one section of the green back-side of the board is the word Monopoly in pink characters, on the other half the same in Arabic.
The inner box is filled up by a piece of cardboard folded in such a way that there are 2 grooves, separated by a 6 cm broad, illustrated red centre-piece. This is to store all attributes, like the cards, property deeds, banknotes, tokens, houses, hotels and the dice.
The property deeds (57x85 mm) are white cards with the text in Arab only and with blue wording. The Mortgaged side is in red with a few words in English.
The Chance cards (55 x 85 mm) are on pink colored white cardboard, the Community Chest cards are in light blue. Their spaces on the board show the Parker Bros. blue treasure chest.
The 7 banknotes looks like the official Parker notes but they are only one sided printed in color on white paper. The denominations are 10 - 50 - 100 - 200 - 500 -1,000 and 5,000 L (Syrian pounds). 
The 6 tokens are colored, hollow plastic aggravation pawns.
There are 32 small, hollow, red plastic houses and 12 slightly higher, green plastic hotels
The Rules are in Arabic only, on a large, 4 times folded sheet.
Both dice are very small (8x8x8mm). They are of white plastic and have black pips.

At least a few properties are from Damascus (capital of Syria) and from Go onwards all properties are:
Poultry farm Al-Ikha'a with yellow hen, instead of a station.    Blue cutlery on the SAM Restaurant space.
Mojtahed St. - Community Chest - Mazra'a St. - Income tax (
Pay 2000 L.) - M. Al-Tawon - Adawi St. - Chance - S. Al-Hamadyah - Khatib St. - Jail - Jamarik St - Rasheed R.  - Ma'arad St. - Nasr St. - M. Al-Waleed - I. Hanano St. - Community Chest - Malik Al-Adel St. - Malab St. - Free Parking - Istiklal St. - Chance - Souk Al-Sagha - Souk Al Tawil - M. Al-Ikha'a - Shalan St. - B.Al-Rous St. - Sham R.  - Amara St. - Go to Jail - Beirut St. - Zahera St. - Community Chest - Zablatani St. - M. Al-Salam - Chance - Aleppo St. - Pay Tax (1000L) and Hamra St..

The utilities Electric Company and the Waterworks of the Parker Brothers editions have been replaced by 2 restaurants  with a blue  cutlery, while the 4 stations became poultry farms.

This edition is "Made in Syria".

Compare these editions with those from Saudi Arabia and Lebanon



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