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version 2000

versie 2000.


Number of versions: 1

Edition: November 13, 2011

Map of Suriname.


When two of my granddauhters had been on vacation in Paramaribo May 2011 they surprised me on their return with an official Parker/Hasbro Suriname Monopoly ..... I thought. However, it appeared to be an almost perfect, most probably, Chinese imitation of Hasbro's square box edition with ref.nr.nr. 0009 from the years 2001-2008.
There are probably never before native Monopoly-like editions made in Suriname and so this "almost official" edition is the first Suriname issue with Paramaribo properties.




Lid, inner box and board of Ref.E.82008.Edition: Suriname Monopoly, square box, Item No. E.82008
Madjied store - Paramaribo - ±2010
Dimensions of the box:
26.4 x 26.4 x 5.0 cm
 of the folded board: 25.2 x 25.2 cm
The game: 
This edition is in Dutch only.

At first sight this game looks very similar to the corresponding game from Parker/Hasbro, but after more accurate comparison there are many obvious differences, such as: 

The very hard and glossy colors on as well the lid as on the game board.

The flag on the lid and the board's midfield. This is not the case on the standard editions of Hasbro. 
Around 2008 and later in a number of European countries the so-called Country editions where published, with 
pictures of various cities from around that country. The lid of these games (with ref. 01603) show the flag of the 
country on the background, surrounded by a collage of famous buildings in those cities. See Finland and Sweden.

Everywhere the corresponding Parker/Hasbro boxes show the Parker or Hasbro logo this Chinese release shows
the nice arms of Suriname with on top in 2 spaces in large numbers, the minimum age and the number of players.

The tekst on the bottom of the box goes in with "je en jij", where the Dutch version of the Parker/Hasbro edition happily politely says "u".
Of course the matching picture of the game board with attributes is properly copied. 

The backside of the Suriname board is black, that of the Hasbro-games red.

The only essential difference between the Hasbro cards and those of this edition is the fact that these do not have rounded corners.

Plastic tokens from the Suriname edition 2010.The Hasbro games of course do have their 10 well-known metal  
tokens, of which the imitator left the hat and car on the lid of this 
edition; in this Chinese edition is a little bag with 10 large, many 
colors, composed plastic tokens, namely. shoe - car - shovel - 
skater - hat - sun hat - motorcyclist - airplane - 
naval boat and paddle boat.

The 7 banknotes are well copied again, without the mention ©Hasbro Inc. of course, but with the SRD-currency of the banknotes. 

The houses and hotels are somewhat larger and of dull plastic.

Both dice are small Chinese one's with a fat dot for the one, but thise one is black instead of red.

The plastic insert in the box is blue and has 4 compartments for all attributes.

The properties of this edition are streets from districts of Paramaribo.  They are from Start onwards:

Waterkant.Fajadjanstraat Flora - Algemeen Fonds - Ormosiastraat Flora - Inkomstenbelasting - District-Sipaliwini Zuid - Saparakastraat Latour - Kans - Pingostraat Latour - Sekrepatoestraat Latour - In de Gevangenis/Slechts bezoek - Slangenhoutstraat Saron - Electriciteitbedrijf - Hernhutterstraat Saron - Kankatiestraat Saron - District-Nickerie West - Madeliefjesstraat Zorg en Hoop - Algemeen Fonds - Franchepanestraat Zorg en Hoop - Zonnebloemstraat Zorg en Hoop - Vrij Parkeren - Sabakoestraat Morgenstond - Kans - Powisistraat Morgenstond - Grapefruitstraat Morgenstond - District-Paramaribo Noord - Granietstraat Maretraite - Gomperstraat Maretraite - Waterleiding - David Simonsstraat Maretraite - Naar de Gevangenis - Jan Steenstraat Monplaisir - Einsteinstraat Monplaisir - Algemeen Fonds- Flemingstraat Monplaisir - District-Marowijne Oost - Kans - Waterkant Centrum and Maagdenstraat Centrum.  

Because there are no railways in Suriname the designer came up to mention the remotest districts in all directions. And so it is easy to keep the Parker locomotives on their spaces, however it would have been a bit more original to put for example pictures of something characteristic of the region in place.

This game is not sold in toyshops in Paramaribo but on the airport and souvenirshops.

The game was manufactured in China.



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