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version 2000

versie 2000.


Venezuelan flag.

  Number of  versions: 5

   Edition: April 30,  2006

Of course Parker Brothers also market their Spanish language editions of Atlantic City in the South American country Venezuela. Also a few inland game manufacturers issue Monopoly editions.
But with the introduction of the "Edicion Venezuela" it seems Parker Brothers/CPG Prod.Corp. have found a manufacturer to cooperate with, although not licensed. 



Inland Monopolio -19??.Edition:Hagace Rico con Monopolio (Become rich ..)
             de las Calles de Caracas (.. with the streets from Caracas)
Publisher: Unknown - ± 1980
Dimensions of the game: 26 x 52 cm
The game:
This edition of inland manufacture is owned by Jean-François Dias - Paris.

The designer of this edition obviously had Rich Uncle Pennybags (from Parker Brothers/Hasbro) in mind as he created his own version of a well-to-do red dressed man with top hat and cane. It really is very pitty the finish of Flat hotel.this game is so extremele poor. Not only is the game board poorly printed but the houses and hotels are with the game on sheets from which they have to be separated, folded and glued before the first match can be played.
The word Monopolio goes in large open characters sloping over the board's midfield, from Go to the Free Parking corner. The red Arca Comunal (Community Chest) cards space is next to the prison while the blue Casualidad (Chance) space is next to the policeman corner. It is interesting to see the treasure chest is blue (like from Parker Brothers/Hasbro) contaning 2 money bags.

The spaces on the soft game board are from Go onwards:

Avda.Libertador - Arca Comunal - Avda. San Martin - Impuesto pague el 10% de su efectivo o Bs 200  - Ferrocarrile BarquisimeyoPlaza Bolivar - Casualidad ?El Calvario - Jardin Botanico - Cárcel/Pasaje Libre - Plaza Candelaria - Compañia de Electricidad - PLaza Concordia - Plaza Altamira  - Ferrocarrile Caracas - Avda.Fco.Miranda - Arca Comunal - Avda. Urdaneta - Avda.Andres Bello - Parque gratuito - Nuevo Circo - Casualidad ? - El Velódromo  - El Teleferico - Ferrocarrile Maracaibo - Avda. Sucre - Avda.Pdte. Medina - Obras de agua potable - Avda. Paez - Váya a la Cárcel! - Avda. Bolivar  - Avda.R.Gallegos - Arca Comunal - Avda. Baralt - Ferrocarril Pto. Cabello - Casualidad ? - Avda.Fco. Fajardo - Tasa de Lujo and Avda. Boyaca.

The Arca Comunal and Casualidad cards are supplied in perforated sheets from which they have to be separated, like the property deeds (82x195 mm). 
The neutral Monopoly banknotes (with an illustration of 1 engine and 1 house) are in 6 denominations: 1 - 5 - 10 - 50 - 100 and 500. The currency is Bs (Bolivar).
The only 4 tokens consist of very small colored plastic discs like the 1 €-cent. There is only one die, white with black pips. 

The set was "Hecho en Venezuela".

This set was bought in 1984.



International Spanish language edition of 1985.Edition: International Spanish language ed., Ref.8009
              "Juego de Intercambio de Finca Raíz de Parker Brothers (Game of exchange of properties, originally P.B.)
Publisher: Parker Brothers, Inc. - Beverly - 1985
Dimensions of the box: 25.6 x 51.0 cm
The game:
This set has been issued by Parker Brothers in all North-, Middle- and South American countries where Spanish is spoken, so most probably in Venezuela as well.
It concerns the well-known American standard edition in the white box with the streets of Atlantic City, but in the Spanish language. 

From Go (¡Adelante!) on all properties of the International Spanish language edition are:

Avenida Mediterráneo - Arca Comunal (Community Chest) - Avenida Báltica - Impuesto sobre Ingresos (Income Tax) - Ferrocarril Reading - Avenida Oriental - Casualidad (Chance) - Avenida Vermont - Avenida Connecticut - En la .../De visita no más - Plaza San Carlos - Compañía de Electricidad - Avenida de los Estados - Avenida Virginia - Ferrocarril de Pensilvania - Plaza Santiago - Arca Comunal - Avenida Tennessee - Avenida Nueva York - Parada Libre (Free Parking) - Avenida Kentucky - Casualidad - Avenida Indiana - Avenida Illinóis - Ferrocarril B. & O. - Avenida Atlántico - Avenida Ventnor Obras de agua potable (Drinking-water Works) - Jardines Marvin - !Váyase a la Cárcel! (Go to Jail) - Avenida Pacífico - Avenida Carolina del Norte - Arca Comunal - Avenida Pensilvania - Ferrocarril Short Line - Casualidad - Plaza del Parque - Impuesto sobre posesiones de lujo (Luxury Tax) and  Paseo Tablado.

The lid of this "long box" shows the last part of the 4th side and Go. On top is the red bar with Rich Uncle Pennybags in the middle O. The dice show numbers 3 and 5. The bottom of the box is un-printed.
The back of the solid game board is blue. The word Monopoly goes in closed characters in a black frame sloping over the board. The innerbox contains except for a small plastic insert with 7 holes for the banknotes also a filling up piece of blue cardboard on which the "13 frequently asked questions" are printed in Spanish.
The game is entirely in the Spanish language but the money is in dollars. It are the well-known banknotes with the mention "Copyright 1935 by Parker Brothers Inc." in the centre circle. The  Casualidad (Chance) cards are red and the Arca Comunal (Community Chest) cards are yellow, both illustrated with funny pictures of Rich Uncle Pennybags identical to those of the original American issue.
There are 10 metal tokens "made in Hong Kong", viz.: car - hat - thimble - dog - boat - iron - canon - rider-on-horse - shoe and wheelbarrow.
The dark green houses and red hotels with overhanging roofs are made of plastic and do have a centrally placed chimney. Both dice are white with black pips.

This edition was "Fabricado en los EE.UU" (Made is USA). 

This edition was sold for Bs. 22,900 on http://www.colortoy.com.



Edicion Venezuela -1989.Edition: Monopoly Edicion Venezuela, Ref.# 4005
              "Juego de Intercambio de Finca Raíz de Parker Brothers" (Game of exchange of properties, originally P.B.)
Publisher: Parker Bros./Fabr. de Juegos Rubimagic C.A. -  ±1989
Dimensions: 50.5 x 25.5 cm 
The game:
Again a nice set from the collection of David Miller - UK. (Compare this set with the Colombian one of the same era!)
The Spanish text in the middle of the lid says: 
"An original way to get to know our country: With this new monopoly edition on a pleasant way presenting the avenues and boulevards of our Venezuelan cities."
Although this is a Parker Brothers authorized edition the design of those typical Parker Brothers spaces completely differ, like f.e.:

all non-street spaces show the illustration in a black square.

the Free Parking corner here shows a blue car with yellow lights.

the design of the lamp as well as the tap differs from the Parker one.

the "station properties" show pictures of transport means instead of the black Parker locomotive.

different shaped and colored question marks on the Chance spaces.

a money bag rather than a  treasure chest on the Community Chest spaces.

The green map of the country shows the 8 provinces concerned. And in order to know which properties are in which provinces the dots marking the provinces have the color of the concerning property bars. However, the city is always mentioned under the streetname. 

From Salida onwards the 8 provinces, each with 3 different cities, are:  

Región Sur: Calle Amazonas (PTO. Ayacucho) - Arca Comunal - Paseo Libertador (San Fernando de Apure) - Impuesto Sobre La Renta
Téléferico Caracas
Región Guyuana
: Avenida Angostura (Ciudad Bolivar) - Casualidad - Paseo Orinoco (Ciudad Bolivar) - Avenida Guayana (Ciudad Guayana)
Región Nor-Oriental
: Avenida Aristedes Rojas (Cumana) - Compañia de electricidad - Avenida 4 de Mayo (Porlamar) - Paseo Colón (Puerto la Cruz)
                       Metro de Valencia
Región de Los Andes
: Calle Independencia (Trujillo) - Arca Comunal - Avenida Las Américas (Mérida) -  Avenida F. Garcia de Hevia (San Cristobal
                       Estacionamento Gratis
Región Centro Occidental: Avenida Los Médanos (Coro) - Casualidad - Avenida Las Lágrimas (Acarigua/Araure) - Avenida Venezuela (Barquisimeto)
                      Téléferico Mérida

Región Central: Avenida Los Llanos (San Juan de Los Morros) - Avenida 19 de Avril (Maracay) - Obras de Agua Potable (Water Works) - Avenida Constitución (Valencia)
                       Váyase a la Cárcel!   
Región Zuliana
: Paseo del Lago (Maracaibo) - Avenida Los Haticos (Maracaibo) - Arca Comunal - Avenida Circunvalacion (Maracaibo)
                       Metro de Caracas 
Región Capital
: Casualidad - Avenida Fuerzas Armadas (Caracas) - Impuesto Sobre Posesiones de Lujo (Luxury Tax) and Avenida Bolivar (Caracas)

The Casualidad cards as well as the Arca Comunal cards are light blue, what must be very confusing! All these cards are illustrated with amusing incidents with Rich Uncle Pennybags. The banknotes consist of black printed colored paper and the denominations are: 1 - 5 -10 - 20 - 50 -100 and 500. The currency is  Bs (Bolivar).
The houses and hotels are made of hollow plastic. The tokens are 5 simple plastic pawns on a large base.
Both plastic dice are red with white pips. 

The set was "Hecho en Venezuela".


Monopoly (Pequeño) - 1990.Edition: Metropoly (Pequeño)
Publisher:Jugueteria Casino - ±1990 
Dimensions of the box: 23 x 28 cm
The game:
The box of this edition of inland manufacture consists of very thin cardboard, is of simple design and badly printed. 
The innerbox has a cardboard insert, formed in such a way that it makes 2 blue trays and a white mid-piece, showing the Rules. There is nothing printed on the white bottom.

The soft game board is folded with its play-side outwards. Its properties are the streets from Santiago.

From Salida onwards all spaces are resp.:

Avenida San Agustin del Sur - Arca Comunal - Urbanización el Conde - Impuesto sobre la renta - Ferrocarriles de Venezuela - Avenida Atlantico - Casualidad - Plaza Catia - Avenida Sucre - En la Cárcel de visita - Urbanización los Chaguaramos - Compañia de Electricidad - Avenida Santa Monica - Avenida Bello Monte - Ferrocarriles de Occidente - Avenida Victoria - Arca Comunal - Avenida Roosevelt - Avenida Nueva Granada - Parada Libre - Avenida La Paz - Casualidad - Urbanización el Paraiso - Avenida San Martin - Ferrocarril Caracas Valencia - Avenida Andres Bello - Parque Los Caobos - Servicio de agua potable - Plaza Venezuela - Váyase a la Cárcel! - Sabana Grande - Avenida Francisco de Miranda - Arca Comunal - Plaza Altamira - Ferrocarril de Puerto Cabello - Casualidad - Avenida Urdaneta - Impuesto sobre posesiones de Lujo and Avenida Bolivar.

The designer of this edition has done his utmost to copy the Parker Brothers/Hasbro issue as accurate as possible, which appears from:

the use of closed black characters for the word Monopoly sloping over the centre field of the board, as it was practiced by Parker Brothers in the sixties and seventies.
the great resemblance of:
the colors of all groups of streets and in the same order
the amounts of the prices and salary (sueldo) over Salida
the treasure chest
the red arrow at Salida
the same black engines at the stations.

The  Arca Comunal and Casualidad cards are 48x75 mm and are illustrated with funny sketches. They are supplied in perforated sheets and must be separated, like the property deeds (67x72 mm). The neutral Monopoly banknotes (with an illustration of 1 engine and 1 house) are in 7 denominations: 1 - 5 - 10 - 20 - 50  - 100 and 500. The currency is Bs (Bolivar).
Only 5 very little colored plastic discs (diam.15 mm) are with the game as tokens. The square houses are yellow and the oblong hotels pink. Although the Rules say there are 2 dice only 1 small red one (sides of 10 mm) was with the set.

This game is "Hecho en Venezuela". 

The price of this set amounted to Bs 400 (= € 1.85) August 1995



International Spanish language edition of 1999.Edition: International Spanish language edition, ref.08009
             "Juego de Compraventa de Inmuebles, de Parker    
               Brothers"    (Property trading game, of Parker Brothers)
Publisher: Parker Brothers/Hasbro Inc. - Pawtucket - 1999
Dimensions of the box: 26.9 x 40.2 cm
The game:
The lid of this new "standard box" (shorter than the 1985 issue) also shows the last part of the 4th side and Go. On top is the red bar with Rich Uncle Pennybags in the middle O. The dice now show the numbers 3 and 6 but the race car is still on the Paseo Tablado.
The bottom of the box is still un-printed, unlike the similar European editions showing a "laughing family" around a table playing Monopoly.

In this new box is one narrow, white plastic tray with but 5 slots for the banknotes and all other equipment. The remainder of the innerbox is filled up with a light green cardboard insert showing again the "13 most frequently asked questions".The board is folded in four and consequently it lies about in the box.  The red Monopoly bar is sloping across the board. On the game board are the nice looking Casualidad and Arca Comunal cards. 
As addinional (11th) token the "moneybag" has been added, the winning token from the ±1998 Monopoly new token campaign.
The green plastic houses and red hotels have a chimney in the middle of the roof. 
Both dice are white with black pips.

This edition also is "Fabricado en los EE.UU" (Made is USA).


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