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version 2000

versie 2000.


Flag Russia

  Number of versions: 8

   Edition: January 7, 2009

With thanks to Jan J.Jansen - NL for all his translations.

Map of Russia.

In 1988 Parker Brothers introduced a Russian Monopoly set. At the same time it was a "Special Limited Edition" Mockba (Moscow). The set was manufactured and published in America. So this means the game has the streets from Moscow.
However, previously and afterwards as well, editions have been published of various inland cooperations, with clear features of Monopoly, but "translated" into the communist ideology. It is striking the streets to be always grouped per category of businesses rather than f.e. per city.

The properties on the board of standard editions from Parker/Hasbro are:

From CTAPT! (Start, in the 1988 edition) and VPERJOT (1997 edition) (Receive wages - 200.000 roebel, when passing this space Proceed) onwards the spaces are resp.:

Mitnaja Oelitza - Obschestwenaja kazna - Nagatinskaja Oelitza - Rieschkaja Zjeleznaja Doroga - Warschavskoje Schosse - Shans - Oelitza Ogareva - Pjerwaja Parkovaja Oelitza - W Tjoermje (In Jail/simple stop for a while) - Oelitza Poljanka - Elektrostantsija (Electric Company) - Sretenka - Rostovskaja Nab. - Koerskaja Zjeleznaja Doroga - Rjazanskij Prospekt - Obschestwenaja kazna - Oelitza Vawilowa - Rublevskoje Schosse - Besplatnaja stojanka (Free Parking) - Oelitza Gorkogo - Shans - Poesjkinskaja Oelitza - Plosch. Majakovskogo - Kazanskaja Zjeleznaja Doroga - Oelitza Groezinskij val - Oelitza Tsjajkovskogo - Vodoprovod (Water Works) - Smoljenskaja Ploschad - Otpravljatjes v Tjoermoe (Go to Jail) - Oelitza Schoesewa - Gogolevskij Boelwar - Obschestwenaja kazna - Koetoezovskij Prospekt - Leningradskaja Zjeleznaja Doroga - Shans - Malaja Bronnaja and Arbat.

where:    Oelitza      = street
                Boelwar    = boulevard
                Ploschad  = square
                Schosse   = highroad, so larger than oelitza
                Zjeleznaja Doroga = literal "iron way"

Manager made in Leningrad ±1971.Edition: MANAGER, white box, No. not filled up
Ekonomitsjeskaja igra" (economic game)
Publisher: Kooperativ "Letsjebnaja Fizkoel toera" - Leningrad -197198  -  ±1971
Dimensions of the box: 50 x 26 cm
The game:
This game dates from the communist period. That is clearly shown by the whole performance of the game. The box of slack carton is white with a sloping blue ribbon and 4 arrows. On the light blue midfield of the board the word Manager (yes, in English!) is written in large pink characters. The cards' spaces are indicated a pattern way. The corner spaces are always light blue.
As usual in the design of these inland manufactured games properties are divided in 8 groups of industries, mentioned on top the spaces. 

From Ctapt on the industries and spaces are resp.:

Light industry: Victory Works - Volunteer Works - 20.000 3% profit -  Bolsshevik Works - Surprise-
Sports and Concert complex: SKK Jubilee - SKK called W.I. Lenin - Message - Stadium called S.M. Kirov - Exchange  
Road and watertransport:
Trolley bus, Tram
- Metro - 20.000 present - BMP - Surprise  
Theaters and  cinema's:
Cinema Kolizej - Cinema Leningrad - Surprise - Theater called S.M. Kirov - Rest
Restaurants and bars:
Restaurant Universal - 2.0000 penalty - Restaurant North - Restaurant Metropolis - Surpise
Intourist hotels: Hotel Leningrad - Message - Hotel Astoria - Hotel At the Baltic Sea
Business enterprises: Department store Jubilee - 20.000 profit - T-F DLT - Department store Sales hall - Surprise 
Heavy industry: United Kirov Works - Message - United Lomo - United  Electricity

Everything show on the propery deeds is printed on the board's field as well. The cards' sizes vary (appr.65x44 mm), which most probably means they were cut out a sheat by hand. The Surprise cards (in the middle of each side, where normally the stations are) are represented by an octagonal, the Message cards by an outlined bird.
The 7 banknotes are one-sided color printed on white paper; the colors slightly differ from those of the game printed in Azerbaijan. The denominations are in roebels resp: 100 - 500 -1000 - 2000 - 5000 - 10000 and 50000. The houses are blue discs (diam.15 mm); the hotels are red discs. 
The 6 tokens are colored pawns.
Both dice are red.

The price of 16 Roeble of this set is printed on the lid's rim .

Also see the Manager games of the Oekraďne and Azerbaijan.

Comrades, formerly Police State.Edition: Comrades, art.nr. 1658
"A game of stragedy, survival, power and wealth"
Publisher: IDEVCO, the Sachs family corporation. - 1988
Dimensions of the box: ± 25 x 50 cm
The game:
In 1969 prof. Harley L. Sachs of Michigan-USA invented the anti-facist board game Police State. It was sold in England and the USA even as far as Ireland and South America. Later on it was marketed as Comrades.

I found at Harley L.Sachs' site about this game:

"This is a sort of "communist Monopoly". The players go around the board, but which leg of the board they're allowed on depends on how far they've risen in the hierarchy yet. The most visible status symbol is your apartment size --and the competition for the one and only full-size Dacha can be ferocious. There are a number of other status perks, such as use of the State Car. All in all, a very amusing game that actually does capture a fair amount of the flavour of life in the communist USSR before its fall."

There are 2 kinds of cards, the Wealth (with sickle) and Secret Police (with star) cards. The cards shown says:

           "The player on your right threatens to denounce you - Pay him two Wealth cards. Why not pay him enough so you can denounce him?"


First Russian Monopoly edition-1988.Edition: Standard, Special Limited Edition, ref. 1095
Publisher: Parker Brothers USA - 1988
Dimensions of the box: 26 x 51 cm
The game:
This is the first Russian Monopoly game of Parker Brothers and at the same time it is a "Special Limited Edition Mockba".

Under the well known red bar is the last part of side 4 with CTAPT at the left end. 
The game board touches familiar, so ordinary solid. The word Monopoly is in black characters in a frame sloping over the board. The playing side of the board is blue green and the back side is light blue. Half of the innerbox contains a carton filling printed with red towers of the Kremlin buildings, with next to it the word Monopoly in large red Russian characters. The rest of the inner box is filled with a plastic tray with 7 sections for the banknotes and the other parts. The bottom of the box is unprinted.
The Shans and Obschestwenaja kazna cards have a real American appearance, i.e. with those nice illustrations of Uncle Pennybags.
The banknotes are "Monopoly roubles" with Uncle Pennybags' portret. The 7 denominations are: 1(white) - 5 - 10 - 20 - 50 -100 and 500.
The green houses and red hotels (both with centric placed chimneys) are made of plastic. The 10 light metal tokens are "Made in Hong Kong". Moreover an 11th token is added: a silver Russian bear.
Over CTAPT! one receives 200 Rouble.

The price of this set amounted to US$ 42.- Februari1996 (in Helsinki -Finland!).



Russian edition NEP, 1990.Edition: НЭП (NEP=New Economic/Trade Policy)  
ИГРА (trade game)
(Cooperative OSJEN) - Г. ЛЕНИНГРАД (Leningrad) - 1990
Dimensions of the box: 23.0 x 44.7 x 4.0 cm
The game: 
Leningrad is St.Petersburg of today.

This may be one of the last poor inland made monopoly-like editions, because the Soviet Union fell apart in 1991 and connections with the western world were importantly increased. 
The lid of the box shows, under the image of the car, this is a "retro-game". Perhaps it is ment to say this is a retrospection on the communist interpretation of a capitalist game of luxury and prosperity? The images at the corner sections of the game board are a.o. of a theatre, a grand piano with 2 stylish ladies and a gentleman in evening dress at his car  ... all signs of luxury. But the various catagories of streets are nevertheless a strange combination of businesses, such as a bread factory and a horse stock-farm.  

Not only the box and the game are of soft cardboard, but also the printing is poor and symplistic. Inside the innerbox are 3 things: the board, a sheet of paper in the length of the box, one side showing the Rules and a plastic bag in which the attributes, like the property deeds, the banknotes, the lotery and chance cards, tokens and the shops and trade houses are separately sealed. However, as soon as they have been put into use all those things are apart in the box.

From НАЧАЛО (begin) onwards all properties are: 

                            Category:                                                                                       Spaces:
ПОСУЛА (plates and dishes):                                           ЛОТЕРЕЯ (lotery) - СЕРЕБРО (silver) - ПЛАТИ НАЛОГ (tax payment) - ФАРФОР (china
                                                                                          ШАНС (chance)
КОММЕРЧЕСКАЯ РЕСТОРАН (trade restaurant):     ЯР (ravine) - МЕТРОПОЛЪ (Metropool) - ПОРТ ЮГ (south port) - АСТОРИЯ (Astoria)
                                                                                          ТЕАТР (theatre)
МЕБЕЛЪ (furniture):                                                        ТРЕЛЪЯЖ (driedelige spiegel) - КОМОД (chest of drawers) - ШАНС (chance) - КРЕСЛО (arm chair)
                                                                                          ЕНЕРГИЯ (energy/electricity)
ТОРГОВЫЙ ДОМ ЕЛИСЕЕВА (trade house of Eliseeva): КОЛБАСА (sausage) - АНАНАСЫ (pineapples) - ПОРТ ЗАПАД (west port) - СЕВРЮГА (Sevruga caviar)
                                                                                          ТАМОЖНЯ (the customs)
ХЛЕБОЗАВОД (bread factory):                                       ПРЯНИК (spiced gingerbread) - БУЛКА (roll) - ВОДА (water) - ТОРТ (pie
                                                                                          ЛОТЕРЕЯ (lotery
ПУШНИНА (fur)                                                             МАНТО (fur coat) - ШУБА (fur coat) - ПОРТ СЕВЕР (north port) - МЕХА (fur)
                                                                                          ПОСЕТИТЕ ТЕАТР (theatre-goer)
КОНЕВОДСТВО (horse stock-farm)                               ДОНСКАЯ (Russian Don=horse breed) - ОРЛОВСКАЯ (Orlov Trotter=) - ЛОТЕРЕЯ (lotery) - 
                                                                                          АРАБСКАЯ (Arabian=)  
                                                                                          ШАНС (kans)
ЮВЕЛИРНЫЕ  ИЗДЕЛИЯ  ФАБЕРЖЕ (jewels from Fabergé): ПЛАТИ НАЛОГ (tax payment) - ЖЕМЧУГ (pearls) - ПОРТ ВОСТОК (east port) - КОЛЪЦО (ring)

Hand written Astoria deed.There are no stations in the middle of each side, but 4 shipping spaces, always 2 moves before a corner instead.

Twenty of the property deeds have a blue back (53x86 mm) with the mortgage value statement. The other 8 cards vary in length from 77 mm till 88 mm. They have an unprinted, grey or white back. The longest card is that of Astoria and a part of the text is handwritten. 
The illustrations on the spaces are very symple.
The color bars on the property deeds are, as far as they are present, uniform, whereas those on the game board turn from dark into white. 
There are 34 white in total, consecutively numbered cards (45x88 mm): 17 Lotery (on th board indicated by a star image) and 17 Chance cards (indicated by a die).
The money consists 7 little banknotes (40x80 mm) printed on solid paper, the back side printed in black with a scroll pattern and the front side also printed in black (except for the 500, being blue) with only 2 tiny spots in a color. The denominations are respectively: 1 - 5 - 10 - 20 - 50 - 100 and 500 roebel. It is strange there are only a few notes of some denominations; so there are only 5 of 5 and 10 notes of 50 roebel.
The exact number of tokens is doubtfull, because there are 4 yellow cars + a little hat (?) on a mould and in addition a separate black and blue green car are supplied. I keep it on 6 cars for the tokens.
Instead of houses and hotels there are 32 shops in total in the colors blue green, brown and olive green and 12 black and grey trade houses. Presumably those different colors do not serve anything and is it merely a question of available production material.
Both dice are blue grey and have white pips.

Russian edition 1997Edition: Standard, ref. 14535121
Publisher: Parker/Hasbro Magyarország - Budapest - 1997
Dimensions of the box: 26.8 x 40.3 x 5.3 cm
                  of the board: 25.2 x 25.2 cm
The game:
In the second half of the nineties Parker/Hasbro have with great energy introduced this uniform version in the former "East bloc" countries.

It is remarkable that this issue again is not emitted by an inland distributor but instead by Hasbro-Hungary.

In this for the rest of Europe so well-known "standard" box is naturally the red plastic "banker's tray" with holes for the 7 banknotes and property deeds still present with the banker.
The game board is folded in four and fits, when stored, precisely on the banker's tray. The back of the board is as usual red, the playside is blue green. This edition is "Sdelano v Irlandii"" and therefore it shows the picture of the "laughing family" at the bottom of the box.
On the game board the Shans cards with nice red back are as usual near the Start corner while the Obschestwenaja kazna cards with their nice blue back are near the Free Parking corner.

The banknotes are of the one side printed new model, i.e. with a black Monopoly ribbon and Uncle Pennybags in the upper part of the circle and, almost invisible, the remark "1996 Tonka Corporation". The currency is Rublley and the denominations are resp.: 1 - 5 - 10 - 20 - 100 and 500. Since one already receives 200 TbIC.Rublley (200.000 Roebel) all amounts are 1000 times higher than usual. 
There is a note (dated 0997) in the box headed Prilozjenie, reporting the property deed of the 1st station is present twice, while that of the  3rd station is missing. The duplicate card have to be changed by pen. In my set this is the situation indeed, however in the one of Jan Jansen is this note but with 4 different property deeds with the set!
The 10 tokens are of light metal and are the well-known: hat - shoe - car - boat - dog - wheelbarrow - rider-on-a-horse - thimble - iron and canon. (However, this time without the Russian bear!) The green houses and red hotels are of non-transparant plastic and have all an overhanging roof, with exception of the hotels with an excentric chimney.
Both dice are white with black pips.

Dutch version of the1997 DeLuxe edition.Edition: Monopoly Deluxe Edition, ref. 14549/121
Publisher: Parker/Hasbro Magyarország - Budapest - 1997
Dimensions of the box: 26.8 x 40.3 x 8.8 cm 
of the double folded board: 25.2 x 25.2 cm 
The game:
Again a great issue of "the famous party game". The box has the same 
length and width sizes as the one of the "standard" edition, in contrast to 
he American Deluxe edition, of which the box is still long.
Unfortunately both these boxes are rather vulnerable, but the content is well taken care of: In the box are, besides the solid game board (with dark 
back) a soft plastic insert with 4 trays for the houses and hotels, but in particular the never before used "Banker's Tray", a well shaped 
money-and cards-holder of solid blue plastic. You have to put the separate stickers on both this tray as well as the 2 separate card holders (for the Szerencse- and Meglepetés cards) yourself. The clear color picture at the bottom of the box gives a good total impression of the set.

This time the lid shows the third side of the game board, so with the properties Oelitza Gorkogo - Shans - Poesjkinskaja Oelitza - Plosch. Majakovskogo - Kazanskaja Zjeleznaja Doroga - Oelitza Groezinskij val - Oelitza Tsjajkovskogo and a part of the tap, on which are 2 of the 10 gold colored tokens.
The banknotes are the same as those of the "standard" edition.
The houses and hotels are made of nice glossy wood. 

Russian version of Millionaire.Edition: Millioner Classic
"Economic party gamel"
"Fantastic world game"
Publisher: unknown - ±2002
Dimensions of the box: 33 x 25.4 cm
The game:
I was pointed to this (inland made?) Russian version of Millionaire offered on the ebay site. The top and bottom pictures give much information about this very interesting issue. 
The designer of this issue has done a lot to give it an American impression, because of:

the yellow spot in the upper left corner says "fun game".

under the red bar is a New York skyline.

the red bar with Millioner in white characters as well as a kind of Mr.Monopoly immediately reminds of the familiar 
Parker/Hasbro bar.

showing the Ctapt (Start) corner with the last part of the fourth side as well as the white dice showing 3 and 5 has been cribed.

the presentation of the game board with its attributes on the bottom also is very typical for the Parker/Hasbro editions.



Russische Deluxe editie ref. 00011.Edition: Monopoly Deluxe Edition, ref. 00011/121
Publisher: Parker/Hasbro Magyarország - Budapest - 2003
Dimensions of the box: 27 x 40.3 x 6.5 cm
The game:
This holografic edition is very similar in presentation as that first edition in this kind of design: America Celebrating the people, Places and Greatness of America, special edition, ref.40798 issued 2002.
This issue is a newer edition of the Deluxe set from 1997. The silvery appearance of the lid and the goldy game board may look nice, however, the board irritatingly dazzles while playing.

The special item in this edition this the mahogany-toned "banker's tray" for the banker's money, cards, houses and hotels. This is a removable part in the lightbrown, plastic insert in the innerbox.
The 12 gold-toned tokens are the usual  hat - shoe - car - boat - dog - wheelbarrow - rider-on-a-horse - thimble - iron and canon and in addition the typical American tokens: moneybag and antique engine. 
The unvarnished blank wooden houses and red hotels have both roofedges. The banknotes are of the standard set with nr.100 00009 00C0, Money Set (C).
There are 2 pairs of dice, viz. 1 set red with gold pips in a little zip bag and another white with black pips set sealed in a bag together with the 12 tokens.
The well-produced 14 pages Rules are hard to read for me, but it is clear that a number of elder editions are mentioned and showed, while 9 of the 12 gold-toned tokens are shown.

The set was made in Ireland.  


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